quote-for-blog-101216Most of our ideas about the devil and how he works didn’t come from the Bible, they came from folklore and religious mysticism. Likewise, most of what we think is an attack from the devil is simply us living out the beliefs of our heart! By focusing our attention on the devil we never solve the real problem: the beliefs of our heart!

Proverbs tells us that all the boundaries of our life flow out of the heart. The beliefs of the heart are, more than anything else, a reflection of what I believe about God and myself. We all subconsciously create boundaries within which we feel safe, secure and worthy. When any aspect of our life gets greater than our sense-of-self we no longer feel safe, secure or worthy.

The first response to life being better than we believe we deserve is stress. This emerges from a conflict in our conscience. At that point in time we could connect to God and expand our sense-of-self in Christ. If we fail to do this we’ll subconsciously sabotage the improvements in our life in order to bring us back into the boundaries of our beliefs.

The fact that we blame the devil rather than dealing with the beliefs of the heart means we never solve the real problem, never expand our boundaries and repeat the scenario again and again. CLICK HERE to join me this week and begin to expand your boundaries so you can live the life of your dreams.

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