If we love our opinion more than God’s, we will hate God and love ourselves!The two masters with whom we struggle are God and self! At the core, self is our opinion. It is the way we see the world. It is what we insist to be the way things are. It is our light and revelation based on our experience. But if that light is not based on God’s Word it is actually darkness. So the light that we expect to guide us to our goals and dreams is actually darkness that obscures God’s path and promises. If we hold to our own way, we will despise God. If we love our opinion more than God’s, we will hate God and love ourselves!

Once we walk in the darkness of our own opinions we are like people in a dark prison. Jesus has opened the door, but we still can’t see to find our way out of the captivity. We think we are locked in, but our captivity to our circumstances only exists in our mind. We really are trapped, but that’s our perspective, not God’s!

JOIN ME this week and escape the stuck state, the prison, the captivity that only exists in your perspective!

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