You can determine what comes into your life tomorrow by the seeds you plant today!

You can determine what comes into your life tomorrow by the seeds you plant today!

Jesus’ primary means of helping people grasp the truth of the Kingdom was through the use of parables. The parables of the Kingdom showed us the practical application of God’s Word, but most importantly it showed us how to develop our hearts. We choose what seeds we will sow in the garden of our heart, we live in that garden, and we partake of the fruit. No one can change that for us! It is an immutable law.

The first law of the seed is that every seed bears after its own kind, which introduces a level of personal responsibility. The law of the seed shows us it is impossible to receive what we do not give. Our heart is the soil, the seed is the information (true or false) that becomes a belief. Beliefs drive our emotions and behavior without any conscious effort. The parable of the sower clearly teaches the degree of thoughtful reflection, study, pondering, remembering, re-living, or attention we give to anything is like tending the garden after the seed has been planted. These internal actions determine to what degree any idea we entertain will affect our lives: how much fruit it bears.

Jesus explicitly taught the law of the seed as the pivotal understanding for Kingdom living. You can choose to make this law work for you, or you can, by default, have it constantly working against you. Instead of trying to use your faith to get God to give what He has already given, through Jesus, you can use your faith to believe life works by the laws He has established and operate them!

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