Even when we know God’s Word is true, it is only our truth when it is something to which we are faithful.Our 21st century mind actually doesn’t understand God’s concept of truth. When we attempt to understand what is true in God’s Word, we eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In other words, instead of involving God and applying faith we attempt to determine truth by our interpretation of knowledge. The Hebrew word for life implies that only when we have experienced God’s life can we actually understand it. In other words, we don’t know if it’s truth until we experience it. That is counter intuitive to our generation.

Jesus told us we would only know if His teaching is true if we have the intent to apply it. John 7:17. Wisdom and understanding is not an intellection modality, it’s all about practical application toward the fulfillment of God’s goals for our life. Wisdom always asks, “How will I apply this Scripture in a way that will keep me in the path of life, deeply connected to God and fulfil the promise it embodies?”

The Hebrew word for truth and faithfulness is the same root word. When something is God’s truth He will always be faithful to it. Even when we know God’s Word is true, it is only our truth when it is something to which we are faithful.

Until we are committed to applying God’s truth from the motive of love, faith in His faithfulness and a heart open to receive His direction, it is not our truth, it is only our philosophy. JOIN ME this week and let’s take a journey that transforms Scripture from information to life.

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