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Week 1: Resolutions That Work

Most people make resolutions at the start of a new year, and unfortunately too many do not see them through to completion. What we don’t realize is that no matter how insignificant a resolution might seem, the lack of seeing it through causes something to change inside us that jeopardizes our confidence to follow through on future decisions. 

Join me this week for a biblical approach to making resolutions and you’ll know you can see them through to the end!

Week 2: The Power of Making Decisions

Humankind is the only species in all the earth which can change their quality of life by making decisions. We are created in God’s image and have been given authority and dominion in the earth. Unfortunately, many have been confused and hindered by the religious doctrine of sovereignty, and have come to doubt their own authority and decisions. God is indeed sovereign, but He is not a liar. He gave authority in the earth to man; He would go against His word to take it back.

Join me this week as I lay the foundation for you to have confident, excellent, successful decision making skills!

For the past 50 years, success literature has primarily been filled with gimmicks, tricks and shortcuts. Most people are weary of trying, gaining momentary ground, only to land back where they started. Wired for Success; Programmed for Failure is the matrix where all the pieces of the puzzle finally come together to bring you into the most incredible success you have ever imagined!


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