Experiencing the Voice of God

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6 CD set Experiencing the Voice of God: The Key to Successfully Navigating Life These are deeper teachings relating to the online messages.


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Jesus not only promised to be our Shepherd, He promised to be the Good Shepherd. Following Him will always lead us away from lack, away from trouble, and away from temptation. Moreover, He will always lead us into righteousness (life as it should be), peace, joy, abundance, and protection! In such troubling times it is essential that we know how to recognize the voice of God! Every decision can be crucial to our future.

Here are some things you will get from this enlightening series:

  •  You probably hear God’s voice but may not recognize it.
  •  Everyone experiences God’s voice differently; discover how you hear God.
  •  There is an attitude that ensures you are receptive to the voice of God.
  •  Discover the role worship plays in developing your capacity to recognize God’s voice.
  •  Identify and overcome your major hindrances to hearing God’s voice.
  •  Learn the essential truth about how God’s Word develops in your life.
  •  And much, much, more……

Life is too complicated to successfully navigate on our own. However, we have the promise of God’s direction that leads us into the best possible outcome for every situation. You have a built in navigation system. This six-message series, Experiencing the Voice of God, will help equip you to recognize and follow His directions. Navigating life without God’s leadership is like driving at night with no headlights. Avoid the pitfalls, traps, and disasters that come from driving in the dark. Experience God’s voice and discover the road that’s smooth, straight, and easy to navigate!



6 messages

Experiencing the Voice of God: The Key to Successfully Navigating Life

These are deeper teachings relating to the online messages.

Message Titles:

Developing Ears That Hear

2.       Discovering Life’s Compass


3.       Experiencing God’s Voice


4.       Incubating the Word


5.       A Worshiper’s Heart


6.       Led By the Spirit

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