The correct information will not help if it is improperly interpreted and applied.Renewing the mind is not just learning correct information; it is learning to interpret information from the logic of God. The correct information will not help if it is improperly interpreted and applied.

The writer of Hebrews explained that we could not move on to the more important factors of faith if we were not established in the foundations of the faith. I call these absolute truths. He explains, I can’t keep coming back and teaching you the foundations over and over again. We’ve got to move on! The original language also indicates that he says, but I can’t seem to get you to move on because you keep throwing away the foundation. In other words, I want to give you the information you need, but then I want that information to be the basis from which you understand all other information.

Sadly, few believers are ever taught the foundations of the faith. This means they build their doctrine on faulty logic which, in many cases, denies the foundational truths. One of the places this happens systematically is in our beliefs about the devil.

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