Quote for Blog - 080116One of our attempts to feel safe in the world is to interpret the world through our sense of logic. We want to make God and eternity fit into our limited concepts of time, space and subjective emotions. This is what the Bible calls a carnal (natural) mind.

We now know from science alone that there are other dimensions that we cannot perceive with our natural sense. Plus, we are surrounded by radio and light waves, none of which can be seen by the natural eye. When the early explorers first came to the West there were reports that the natives did not have the capacity to see the explorers’ ships. Only when the invaders were in their smaller boats for coming ashore were the natives able to see them.

The reason they could not see the ships is we see with our brain, not our eyes. The brain interprets the information we see with our eyes. If what is present is beyond what the mind can conceive the brain will not allow you to see it!

God has a reality! His reality is the life we have in Jesus. Healing, peace, prosperity and righteousness are all given to us in Him! But our carnal mind refuses to believe what it, in its limited capacity, cannot perceive. Our mind has a reality based on what the five senses perceive. We have trained ourselves to trust our reality more than God’s reality.

In prayer we can enter our heart zone where the heart can perceive what the mind will not see. CLICK HERE to join me this week and discover God’s ultimate reality for you: In Christ: The Only Reality!

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