Being the Wisdom of God

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The majority of serious believers are much closer to the victories they need than they actually realize! Consider the following questions.

Do you:

  • Often feel you’ve got the right information, but things still don’t work out?
  • Put together a good plan only to have it fall apart?
  • Have good insight, but just not sure how to put it to effective use?
  • Have an intuitive sense of being on the verge of something good that doesn’t come to pass?

These are common symptoms of people who are one step away from crossing over into a new quality of life.

But here is the most important question:

  • Do you often need a miracle that doesn’t come, but you manage to find your way through to a decent outcome?

What I’m going to say is in conflict with what you’ve been told most of your life, but it is very clearly what the Bible teaches.

When you’re struggling, stressed, or in any situation causing you to strive for a breakthrough; you don’t need to ask for a miracle, you need wisdom! If you answered yes to 2 or 3 of these questions, God’s wisdom is probably your missing component!

If you’re ready to:

  • Get your Bible knowledge and life experience working for you.
  • Make decisions that always lead to a great outcome.
  • Stay on the path of life and peace…

Then it’s time for you to discover the secrets to unlocking all the challenges to life by discovering and entering into the wisdom of God!

3. The Promise of Wisdom

by Dr. Jim Richards | Being the Wisdom of God

1. What Everyone Needs and No One Wants

by Dr. Jim Richards | Being the Wisdom of God