Wisdom For Healing

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Unless destructive frequencies are transformed, they lie in wait for our blood! These frequencies are stored as cellular memories that not only undermine the function of healthy cells, they reemerge in the form of feelings that become part of our belief system, even though they were never chosen and may be completely irrational.

Wisdom for Healing follows the scriptural admonition to seek wisdom when we are facing difficulties. Wisdom is the practical application of truth to solve the problem. You will learn firsthand how to recognize these subtle negative feelings before you act on them. You will discover how specific feelings influence specific disease! And you will learn powerful tools to use to stop the feelings.

This is your chance to end lifelong negative feelings and transform them into positive, healing, productive feelings. Many of your repeated physical problems will simply disappear as you transform the root feelings that feed them! This program is an absolute must for everyone who intends to live a healthy physical and emotional life!

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