Join Us for World Changers Weekend Live in Huntsville, AL | July 20-22, 2018

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In 1975 I was in a conference listening to what were the world-shakers of that day. It was four or five of the most influential preachers in the newly-emerging charismatic movement! There was one man sitting on the platform in the midst of the “silver-tongued orators” that looked totally out of place. He was very overweight, his suit didn’t fit well and he was just a little odd-looking. I’ve never been a judger of people, especially because of the way they looked, but this guy really made it hard to resist the temptation, especially since he kept falling asleep. I expected him to fall out of his chair onto the platform at any minute.

All of the other speakers spoke for about an hour each. They were dynamic and physical. They jumped, danced and stomped across the platform. They would raise their voices “to the rafters” and then drop to a whisper, causing you to cling to every word!

Then it came time for this simple man to share: no showmanship, no dynamics, just a short message that lasted about 15 minutes. It was during that sermon that something happened in me that was beyond explanation. While I had a clear sense of what had changed, there was no way to explain it or put it into words that would make it understandable.

The Hebrews call it the closed MEM. MEM is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet that represents the mysteries of water. It is knowledge that only occurs when one plunges into the water and goes below the surface. But it isn’t an intellectual exploration; it is a passing of knowledge that reveals what you need in your life at that moment and how to do it: it is the wisdom of God!

Two things happened to me as a result of that 15 minute sermon. I have never struggled with faith since that night! Trusting God has been as natural as breathing! It ended the big search for faith, which had dominated my walk with God for the previous couple of years! The second thing was this: I had never been a legalist; I always knew that being was more important than doing. But since that night I have had an insight into the identity of the believer and how to turn identity into a life of power and authority.

Now, forty-three years later, I feel the freedom to share with you about some of what I experienced that night: Being the Wisdom of God! 

Plan to join me in Huntsville, AL, July 20-22, Friday evening until Sunday at 1pm. There is no admissions fee but registration is required. Space is limited so be sure to register to save your seat! 

In this unique weekend event we’ll have:

  • A spiritual party celebrating the goodness of God
  • Exciting heartfelt praise and worship
  • Fellowship with others making this journey into the heart of God
  • Some incredible testimonies

In my messages I will help you connect to:

  • The wisdom of God in a way that produces real results in the real world
  • Discover how you become the wisdom of God
  • Learn the ultimate secret in making decisions that always lead to a great outcome

Identity has been one of the primary messages I have preached for 43 years. But like all messages based on reality, in time they become topics of discussion instead of experienced reality.

This weekend will help you:

  • Move past information to experience
  • Give you the keys to altering the identity you see
  • Stepping into altering your identity that others see
  • Discover why identity always creates effortless living
  • And much, much more


To learn more about lodging options, click HERE.

We look forward to seeing you in July!

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