No one is really happy about facing trials. But we can be happy in our trials! The same book that says this, also tells us that God is never the author of our trials. When we know He is not the source of our problem, we can maintain our hope and expectation of victory!

When we are faced with a trial, which in the original language can mean a temptation, test, or anything causing us to strain, we can be sure we will emerge victorious if we don’t waver in our trust for God. So, any challenge means we are going to see a new victory, and will very probably grow in our trust for God.

Romans 5 explains that when we joyfully boast (express confidence) in God’s realities and splendor in the midst of tribulation we develop patience: the ability to stand under pressure without wavering. This patience develops and expresses itself through character: proven experience, and proven experience produces hope: confident expectation of good things!

So every time I win a battle, I become more confident in the grace of God that makes me able to stand. That confidence propels me through my current challenge more quickly, thus my proven character develops even more. When you know you’re going to win the battle, you face it with rejoicing in God!

JOIN ME this week and begin turning every battle into a victory! Develop the proven character that always stands and always wins!

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