Everything about Planet Earth is designed to support and bring forth life.Creation is one of the places in scripture we can see God’s love and character. We get to see His proactive, preemptive expressions of love in the way He created the universe. Everything about Planet Earth is designed to support and bring forth life.

Sadly, false science probably undermines the faith of more young people than any other single factor. I meet very few Christians who are confident in the Genesis account of creation. As I have mentioned many times, quantum science now actually proves that the earth was created in 6 – 24 hour days in the exact sequence as described in Genesis. Yet, you’ll never hear that taught in any public school in America. (For more information about Creation, get the answers from my book Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming.)

Since faith is trust and trust is determined by the honesty of any party, if any word of God is not true, then God cannot be trusted! If any word of God is untrue, how would one determine which words of God could be trusted? God’s character cannot be separated from the trustworthiness of His words.

JOIN ME this week and let’s discover more about God’s character and nature, especially as it relates to creation. This will solidify your faith in God and your confidence in His Word!

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