Quote for Blog - 062716Most preachers erroneously equate the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven as being “saved,” but this doctrine makes Jesus’ teaching seem very legalistic. The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven is the realm we enter into through our heart when we follow Jesus as Lord.

There’s this world’s system and there’s the Kingdom of God. This world’s system operates on its own rules and philosophies, but the Kingdom of God operates from the Word of God applied from the motive of love. The parables of the Kingdom teach us how to apply God’s commandments in faith so that we have the best life possible while in this world.

Since the Kingdom is entered through and expressed to the world through our heart we’re able to live in the values, morals and ethics of God. We don’t have to surrender to the humanistic philosophies of man.

In our heart the Kingdom of God is experienced by the power of righteousness, peace and joy. When our heart is oozing with these qualities it permeates the way we think, feel and make decisions. It makes it possible for us to live in peace no matter what’s going on around us.

This week we’ll discuss Establishing the Kingdom and I’ll help you understand how to live from your heart, not your circumstances. Click here to watch now!

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