Quote for Blog - 030916“Emotional debt” is a phrase that I coined many years ago. When we experience emotional pain that remains unresolved it is like making a purchase on a revolving charge card. Every time that pain causes us to destroy a relationship or lose an opportunity for success or happiness we are making a payment on that debt.

When Jesus said He came to heal the brokenhearted and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, He was making reference to the Year of Jubilee. In the Year of Jubilee all financial debts were cancelled. This meant you could be set free from slavery (captivity). You no longer had to make payments on your debt by giving up your life. In the New Covenant the Year of Jubilee is not about financial debt as much as it is about emotional debt. If you want to step into Freedom from Emotional Debt, I want to give you the tools and truth to experience this incredible freedom.

One of the worst aspects of emotional debt is that the people who love us are making payments on that debt. All the times we were hurt in past relationships, betrayed or mistreated, that becomes part of the debt accumulating on that revolving credit card. When we react to those who love us in unacceptable ways, they make payments on our debt. Eventually, the pain of paying on our debt plus their own, becomes more than they can bear and they leave. I want to help you break this cycle of making payments on emotional debt. Join me in an Impact CyberChurch service and I will help you step into that place of freedom from Emotional PTSD and you can stop making payments on your past today!

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