There’s a portal to another dimension that you can enter.

You can only enter the Kingdom of God if you’re on the path of righteousness.It’s important to understand there is righteousness and then there is the pathway of righteousness. The Hebrew word for “way” represents an approach to life—a way of viewing things. The “way” is the lifestyle that leads not just to righteousness but guarantees that we stay on the path that leads to life.

The three Hebrew letters comprising the word “way” illustrate a portal to another dimension. We enter in by having a repentant—teachable—attitude, in which we surrender our beliefs and ways to God’s. If Jesus is truly our Lord and our righteousness, we have the power to enter the Kingdom of God to live better than we  ever imagined on Planet Earth!

You can only enter the Kingdom of God if you’re on the path of righteousness. If you want to enter this realm of divine living, then you must be willing to surrender your attitude to God’s way of living.  Repentance is the path to a righteous life worth living!

To discover more truths behind Finding Divine Life, CLICK HERE watch this week’s CyberChurch message “Entering an Unseen Dimension.”

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