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Week 1: The God of Order

How can the God who heals you be the God who makes you sick? Join me this week as we look at the truth about Job.

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Most of what people quote about Job denies the names of God, denies the life and teachings of Jesus, and presents God as an author of confusion and chaos. He is NOT the author of confusion and chaos; Satan is! You can never have solid faith if you have contradictory beliefs about God. Let’s examine together this month what Job really said and what God said about what Job said.

Week 2: Whose Report Will You Believe

Job is a book people often refer to when they blame God for their difficulty. Join me this week to examine some reasons we cannot logically do that.

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One of the ways God has revealed Himself to mankind is by His names. If He brought sickness and death into our lives to teach us, He would have a name that represented that; if He used torment to make us more spiritual, He would have a name defining that. No, God’s names are Healer, Deliverer, Provider! Everything good comes from Him! Criminals and Mafia control by fear with the threat of danger or injury. Is God no better than a criminal?

Job is one of the most misquoted books of the Bible. Job admitted to having spoken “words without knowledge,” and those same words are repeated today as sound theology. God Himself asked Job, “Will you condemn me so you can remain righteous?” Each time we quote Job to justify why bad things are happening, we perpetuate the self-righteous lie that God does bad things to test and teach us. Bad things do happen to good people but not for the reasons religion has told us.  

Each message in this powerful, myth-busting series will cause your faith to expand and your wavering to end as you discover The Truth About Job.  You can be the voice of hope and deliverance for your family and friends. You can answer the question, “Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?” You can be the one who explains “How You Can Stop It!” The answer will set the captives free and change their lives forever!

In this six-part series you will:

  • Gain insight into Job’s need to blame God.
  • Understand what really opened the door for Job’s tragedy.
  • Put an end to all wavering.
  • See that God NEVER turned Job over to the devil.
  • Eradicate the influence of carnal logic.
  • Get real answers for facing real tragedy.
  • Discover the devil’s greatest fear.
  • End your confusion once and for all!
  • Get the inside track on the best-kept secret in the world!

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