The great deception is... to mix just enough Bible with one’s personal opinion to make it plausible.Propaganda is the science of persuasion through deception. It started with Lucifer, the father of all lies. From the very beginning of time Lucifer has always used half-truths as his most powerful form of deception. It hasn’t been sin or paganism that has turned the world from God; it has been religion that turned the world to paganism; it has been religion that destroyed and suppressed the faith of believers. There are two ways men attempt to connect with God. God’s prescribed way is by faith, i.e. trust what His Word says about Him. The second way is by religion i.e. by the way that makes the most sense to the individual. The latter of these two, subtly declares God to be a liar, and man’s ways superior to God’s!

The great deception is, however, to mix just enough Bible with one’s personal opinion to make it plausible. It’s not an actual denial of God’s Word it is a denial of Jesus’ interpretation of God’s Word. This is like a vaccination. “A vaccine typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing microorganism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe.” In this case a vaccine contains a watered down version of the truth making it impossible to catch the real disease. In the case of faith, it has just enough truth to seduce us into believing the lie, alienating us from the power of the cross! JOIN ME this week as we expose the fake news about the cross!

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