Quote for Blog - 031816Emotional suicide, also called self-sabotage, is one of our greatest enemies. Most of what we blame on the devil is actually the result of our own unresolved pain re-emerging and taking control of our emotions. When the pain of the past re-emerges in our present life we can feel as if that pain is being inflicted upon us as it was the first time. This makes us overreact to our present circumstance, thereby committing self-sabotage.

In my series, Freedom from Emotional Debt, I will help you understand why and how these things happen and I will equip you with tools to bring it to an end. Your future does not have to equal your past!

There are two primary reasons this flood of emotions occurs. The first is the similarity between a present event or person and an event from your past. It could be similar to an opportunity or a relationship that failed in the past. That similarity triggers those same feelings and emotions. There is also a possibility that you may not feel worthy. Because of some personal failure or unresolved feelings of guilt we may not feel we are worthy of the good things that are happening in our life. Since most of this happens on a subconscious level we rarely connect our irrational, destructive behavior to past experiences.

Join me this week for Impact CyberChurch and you can finally get the help you need to end Emotional Suicide. It’s time for you to live and enjoy the blessings of God with no drama!

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