The Prayer Organizer: 2018 Edition

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The Prayer Organizer 2018 Edition turns prayer from a religious obligation to a celebration of resurrection life. Millions of people worldwide have discovered and experienced what it means to experience Kingdom living by using The Prayer Organizer.

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It is the right and responsibility of the believer to choose and establish God’s perfect will. God’s will is that you live and function in all He provided through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus: enjoying the promises free from the curses. This realm of God’s blessings is what Jesus called the Kingdom of God. He gave us the Keys of the Kingdom of God, which were binding and loosing. Binding and loosing is where the believer chooses what he or she will allow or disallow in his or her life. The ultimate key is freedom of choice: it is our choice to live in the provision of God.

New Covenant prayer is primarily connecting to God as Father, harmonizing our beliefs with His Word and His name and establishing His perfect will in our lives.  Most of what we have been taught about prayer is not New Covenant. Asking God to do what He has already done, and asking Him to do for us what He told us to do for ourselves is not a prayer of faith. The rejection of this level of responsibility and authority is the reason for minimal results in our prayer life.  Jesus taught us to pray based on the New Covenant whereby we enter into and participate in our inheritance.

The Prayer Organizer is designed to help you see and establish a vibrant relationship with God; free yourself from stress, toil, and chaos; create an, “in Him” awareness, while bringing His Word alive in our heart. It is filled with hundreds of scriptures that bring harmony to God’s names, the finished work of Jesus, our new identity and our inheritance! It is designed to:

  • Create a deep loving connection with God
  • Give birth to incredible confidence to in God
  • Fully establish your heart in God’s promises
  • Put an end to struggling with sin, failure, and fear
  • Develop a biblically based sense of self-worth
  • Teach you to live as an overcomer
  • Renew Your Mind
  • Put on your new identity in Christ
  • See God as He really is
  • Develop immovable faith
  • Enter the realm of Kingdom living

No other tool brings all of these New Covenant realities together for you to experience! The Prayer Organizer turns prayer from a religious obligation to a celebration of resurrection life. Millions of people worldwide have discovered and experienced what it means to experience Kingdom living by using The Prayer Organizer.

*Both book and MP3 version include a FREE Prayer Organizer Meditation MP3 download.

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Reviews (6)

6 reviews for The Prayer Organizer: 2018 Edition

  1. sofi

    Love it, if you are just beginning to pray this is great tool to understand that pray is the way you know the Lord but also you learn to love him for how He is not only for what he does

  2. Robert Montoya

    This is not intended to replace your prayer life. This is intended as a tool to help you go deeper in your Prayer Walk and to better understand what Biblical Prayer is.

    It’s important to note that it doesn’t matter if you ever finish this book. In fact, there should come a time when you stop using it because your Prayer Walk with God becomes more a relationship, like spending time with your best friend, then it is a set of rules and regulations. This book isn’t a new Ten Commandments, but a set of guideposts to help make your Prayer Walk operate at its most optimum.

    This isn’t a cult book or a funnel to get you to purchase even more stuff from Dr. Richards. It has helped me immensely transform prayer from a boring 30 minutes where I go through the motions into a deep meditative period where I get lost in His Presence.

    It’s not the book that does this. The book is merely a tool that guides you how to approach prayer. The “magic”, if we are to call it that, is in the encounter between God and our hearts when we take Him at His Word.

  3. Lorraine Iversen

    I have used this for thirty years and after my daughter died in Oct. I looked at all the pages that I prayed for her and was amazed at all the things that she wrote on Caring Bridge which were all I could have asked of a daughter filled with the Spirit and deep in the Lord. What a blessing.

  4. Mattgeib

    Very well put together…I believe it will make my devotions & prayer life much easier & effortless

  5. Nate Wilda

    Very, very helpful tool to develop your personal prayer time, and relationship with Jesus. The prayer organizer is simple to use and incorporate into any daily routine you may have for prayer; it walks the reader step by step in applying ‘the Lord’s Prayer’ as a model for any area of need a person can face in life… I highly recommend!

  6. Elgin Young

    If you want to establish you heart in Grace and Peace. Get the Prayer Organizer. You won’t go wrong. Dr. Jim is my favorite Author.

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