Paradigms, Perspectives & The Glory of God

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The reason we can’t get free from ongoing pain and suffering is because we believe our point of view to be the only reality! This incredible six-message series will catapult you into a new realm of seeing and experiencing God’s exciting realities.

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Every event, decision, emotion, and even our beliefs are determined by one thing: how we see and interpret the facts! Jesus taught that we are not actually hurt from what happens as much as we are hurt by our judgment of what happened! Sadly, we seldom see or experience anything exactly as it is. We see it from our perspective. This creates a perception of reality that molds our experience. The reason we can’t get free from ongoing pain and suffering is because we believe our point of view to be the only reality!

God also has a point of view. He views all things from His position as the Almighty! His point of view creates a reality quite different than ours. When we surrender our point of view to align with God’s we discover a new reality.  This incredible six-message series is designed to help you break free from the limitations of false reality and catapult you into a new realm of seeing from God’s perspective. This is what the Bible calls revelation knowledge. When we see from God’s perspective we can participate in His reality!

  • Discover the secret to seeing beyond your opinion
  • Remove the blinders that keep you from seeing God’s best
  • Effortlessly enter into God’s resources
  • Learn to trust the eyes of your heart more than your natural sight
  • Infuse every part of your life with hope as you see God’s provision
  • Open your eyes to a world better than anything you’ve ever imagined
  • Find the miracle that exists just beyond your current point of view

Trusting your natural sight and senses more than you trust what you can see with your heart is what the Bible calls carnal minded. The only way to escape the destruction of the carnal mind is to open the eyes of our heart to the realities of God!

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