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Jesus came to bring us into the family of God. More than anything else, we are God’s children. Children thrive in loving, family relationships. In a family there is teaching adoption (evangelism), and many more aspects of family life, but more than anything else, there is relationship. There is love, trust, friendship, growing together, working together, and playing together.

The church is here to meet the greatest, emotional need in a person’s life: relationship. Because our paradigm has been wrong, the leaders have not offered a family, and the members have not sought to build a family. That is why there are millions of people worldwide who are hurt and disillusioned with the church. People are leaving by the thousands each year.

The answer is not to reject the church; the answer is to transform it. We, as members, need to reject unscriptural paradigms about the church and God. We need to put our efforts into the things that the Bible clearly prioritizes. We should lovingly refuse to allow leaders to turn us into an army. We are a family and it is time we begin to live like a family.

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