All the promises of God become ours when we believe in Jesus.If believing in God’s goodness was easy, everyone would believe it. In Isaiah 53, where God explains the exchange that took place on the cross, He asks; “Who will believe our report?” Very few Christians actually believe God is good all the time, and all He does comes from the motive of love!

God gave us ways to properly interpret His Word. One of the first things He gave was His names. Not one name of God expresses His desire for us to suffer. Jesus suffered so we would not. The blood of Jesus delivers us from wrath.  The covenant we share with Jesus is called the Covenant of Peace, (Isaiah 54:10). All the promises of God become ours when we believe in Jesus.

Jesus taught us to pray: your will be done on earth as it is in heaven! In heaven there is no pain or suffering. Why would God tell us to pray and establish God’s will in our life as it is in heaven if He wanted us to suffer!

In His ministry, Jesus never turned a single person away. He never made a person suffer; He never made a strong man weak, a walking man crippled, or a well man sick! He revealed the true nature, character, and love of God, then He responded to the needs of suffering people!

The Bible does, however, warn of hardship for the foolish; those who refuse the wisdom of God’s Word. It also implies that hardships can force a person to face the error of their ways. It tells us to rejoice even when suffering, but not for suffering. It also warns us: when I am tempted, tested, tried, scrutinized or made to strain never say it is from God! Because God does not tempt, test, try, scrutinize or make to strain. Then it goes on to explain why we should never indulge such judgment against God! “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning,” (James 1:10,13).

JOIN ME this week and begin to put your negative concepts of God to rest. The more you know about the goodness of God, the more you will trust Him!

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