“How could you make such a statement?” you may ask? “Doesn’t Jesus want you saved more than anything else? Doesn’t He want you to know God more than anything else? There’s got to be more important things to Jesus than our pain from the past!”

We were created to have an intimate relationship with God and others. That can never happen when fear, shame, pride or other conflicting emotions are present. According to the original language of Isaiah 53; when Jesus died He carried our emotional and physical pain. Why? God wanted all that out of the way so we could give and receive His love! So we could have the quality of life He envisioned for us.

The Religionists do not believe the incredible love God has for mankind. They don’t believe that God wants us to enjoy life to its fullest. Since the Garden of Eden they have proclaimed that we must personally pay for our sins. If God wanted you to pay for your sins He wouldn’t have sent Jesus!

When struggling with pain from the past, how many times have you felt in your own mind or had someone say to you:

  • Just get over it!EFT for Christians
  • You’ve just got to grow up!
  • Quit acting like a baby!
  • Just get the sin out of your life and God will help you!
  • You just want attention!

That’s what most people hear when they allow the Religionists to see their pain. Thus, many choose to suffer in silence. I can tell you from experience, that is no solution. The deeper we bury the pain the longer it stays with us. Everything God wants to do in your life will only come to fruition to the degree you are free from the pain of the past and enter into a meaningful relationship with God and people! Join us: Dr. Charity Virkler Kayemba, coauthor of EFT for Christians, and Dr. Jim Richards, founder of Biblically-based EFT, and get what you need to get over the past!

This is your chance to take a quantum leap in freeing yourself from emotional debt, getting over the past and moving on with your future!

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