jbrDignity and Worth: The Life Matrix

A Life-Changing Weekend Seminar
and Workshop

August 19 – 21, 2016
Tulsa, OK

For a believer desiring a fruitful life few things are more important than having a healthy, biblically-based sense of self-worth. Your self-worth controls every aspect of your destiny. This weekend you will learn to take control of your identity, self-image and self-worth and chart a new course!

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Your life goals will only be fulfilled to the level of your self-worth
  • Every decision you make is based within your current boundaries of identity, self-image and self-worth
  • You will always attract people who will keep you within your current sense of identity
  • If you have low self-worth you will always change your behavior to be accepted by those around you
  • Even when you know God is faithful, you will limit Him to your current sense of self-confidence
  • You will repel people who want to love you beyond your self-worth
  • You will train the people in your life to treat you in a way equal to your self-worth

In one weekend you will learn
How to Establish Your Heart in Your 
God-Given Identity,
Self-Image & Self-Worth!

Friday night from 7 – 9pm and all day Saturday 9am – 4pm you’ll not only learn, you’ll begin transforming your sense of identity, self-image and self-worth.

You will leave different than you come!

In this two-day, life-transformation seminar and workshop you will:

  • Identify and change the core beliefs that subconsciously direct your life
  • Learn exercises to renew your mind and write the truth on your heart
  • Discover the key to overcoming past guilt, shame and condemnation
  • Expand your capacity for health, success, love and relationships
  • Deepen your roots into the love of God in a way you can feel

All the promises of God, all of your dreams and every relationship in your life will only be as good as your self-worth. Dignity and Worth: The Life Matrix will transform your work, your job, your ministry and your health. Don’t miss it! This is your chance to change everything!

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There is no registration fee, but you must register in order to receive your workbook.

Dignity and Worth: The Life Matrix

Hosted by Pastor Orlando Juarez & The Bridge Church
11929 South Memorial Drive, Bixby, OK 74008

After the seminar is completed, join me in three power-packed services at The Bridge
Saturday evening at 6pm and Sunday morning at 9am & 11am.

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