Perfect love is relational love, it is love that is given, received and given back.Unconditional love has no effect on a person who does not have the intention or the heart for a reciprocal relationship. God’s love is unconditional, not because there is a relationship with mankind, but because that is His character. Many people will reject God’s unconditional love. In fact, for many unconditional love is a sign of weakness that says they can manipulate and abuse you. Unconditional love can never be given to solicit a positive response even though when expressed to a person with a heart for love it will.

Unconditional love needs to be the character in which we choose life because we want to be like God and because of the incredible benefits it has for us. What many call unconditional love is actually codependence. When given as a means to gain a response we fall into a cycle of giving more and more of our life to someone who doesn’t appreciate it, which increases our bond to them, all the while encouraging their abuse. If we actually follow God’s model of love we live out of the character of love but we only entrust our hearts to those who are reciprocal, or as the New Testament calls it, perfected love. Perfect love is relational love, it is love that is given, received and given back. JOIN ME this week and begin to learn the scriptural mystery of following God’s pattern of walking in unconditional love and enjoying all its benefits without becoming codependent.

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