God is not a  fault-finder. He sees us  as washed in the blood, hidden in Christ and completely righteous. We all have times of growing cold; so regularly we simply need to reconnect with those we love. Most relationships fall apart because of neglect, lack of communication or decreasing value. This is true in relationships with people or with God.

Religion has portrayed God as far-off and judgmental, making it difficult to have a real relationship with Him. No one wants to interact with one who finds fault in them. God is not a fault-finder. He sees us as washed in the blood, hidden in Christ and completely righteous. Also, prayer is so formal, mystical and unrealistic it has no place in real life. As a pastor, counselor and health practitioner I learned people will only continue to do that which fits into and brings benefit to their life.

It is essential to realize God is interested in every area of your life. He wants you fulfilled, happy and successful (John 10:10). He doesn’t want you to suffer. He doesn’t use pain and tragedy as a way to teach you lessons. He uses His Word and His Spirit to guide you into truth, but never into trials and tribulations. When we realize this we begin to grasp how God is valuable in every aspect of life. If He wants me to succeed, has given me promises, will provide leadership through and even give me grace, the strength to fulfill my goals, there is no reason to disconnect from Him.

It is only this realization that will make God relevant to your life. Start talking to Him about everything. Don’t complain about your problems; ask for wisdom and strength to solve them. Rely on Him for everything. Make Him your Source. Open your heart to become the kind of person with the kind of character that can live your dreams. If you desire it, the transformation will come. The more you experience Him and His goodness, the more you will fall in love with and desire Him. CLICK HERE to join me this week as we talk about Transformation by Revelation.

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