quote-for-sg-blog-09-01-16We look at the Gospel and wonder how it was possible that the Jews did not recognize their own Messiah. After all, the coming Messiah was one of their focal points of theology. But, like us, they twisted Scripture to meet their personal needs. They actually didn’t want the suffering Messiah to come; they wanted a military leader that would break the yoke of Rome off their shoulders.

In order to enter that kind of deception they had to ignore, twist and reject many Scriptures that clearly identified the first coming of the Messiah. Today the Church as a whole tends to do the same thing regarding the second coming of Christ. There is an entire movement that believes the Church will establish the Kingdom of God on earth and we will then invite Jesus to come to rule. This is a scriptural impossibility. Many believe the Tribulation is God pouring wrath on the earth when the Bible clearly states that the Tribulation is the work of the antichrist and corrupt governments. And many are looking for a savior who will come and make peace between governments. Jesus came the first time as a Lamb; He will come this time as a Lion!

Jesus said the primary root of deception will, however, be the result of lawlessness (iniquity). And because lawlessness will abound the love of many will grow cold (Matthew 24:12). As people abandon God’s Word (iniquity) they leave the light and enter into darkness. Just like the Jews, we will decide what we think we need in our Messiah instead of learn what He said about His return. But in the absence of Scripture as the guiding light few will be able to recognize the deceit, neither will they be capable of hearing what the Spirit is saying in their heart!

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