Quote for Blog 021016Sadly, we have all been influenced to be carnally-minded. The word “carnal” just means “natural.” In other words, we have become Christians but not disciples. We attempt to make God fit into our natural thinking. In fact, we judge God based on our understanding of how the world works rather than judging the world’s ways based on God’s Word.

In our natural-mindedness we want to wait until things start working out for our good before we are willing to believe that we can make a choice that will change how our life unfolds. Like the children of Israel who were promised provisions in the wilderness who tested (put God on trial) in their hearts (Psalm 78:18-19).  And they doubted He could give them what they really wanted.

Christians go to church and intellectually believe on Jesus, but disciples build every aspect of their life on God’s Word based on Jesus’ interpretation of that Word. In other words, they choose God’s truth and watch the circumstances change instead of waiting for the circumstances to change and then feign trusting God.

As a disciple I realize that I not only have the privilege of living the abundant life, but I also have the responsibility. To call myself by the name of the Lord and then refuse to even choose what He offers is to take the name of the Lord in vain. In my series, The Supernatural Power of Making Decisions, I will walk you through every step of making the decision to choose God’s life and blessing and how to follow it through to reality.

making decisions CDYou are created in the likeness and image of God. You have the right and responsibility to choose God’s life and blessings. When you make that choice the Holy Spirit will lead you through the process in ways that apply to your specific circumstance. Join me to learn more about making this journey this week in CyberChurch as I share, Confessions of a Persuaded Heart!

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