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Week 1: The Power of Social Influence

Clearly, the Bible shows that society and culture influence us, but we are not to solve problems the way modern society dictates. To learn more about this new series and our special offer,CLICK HERE:

Socialization is an important biblical principle to living in victory and making life work for us. But we are being socialized or programmed by messages developed into society that go against the Word of God. Jesus said to take His yoke, which is His Lordship and His interpretation and translation of the Word of God. We will then have the best God has to offer without selling out to the world.

Week 2: Counselor or Killer

If we believed what religion told us, it would be impossible to believe that God is fair and just. To learn more about this new series and our special offer, CLICK HERE

Most Christians struggle with whether God is fair. If we say that God allowed something we are saying He could have stopped it but He didn’t. Religion teaches that killing our relative was the only way God could get to us and teach us something. But would we go to someone who arranged for the destruction of a loved one for comfort or grief counseling? We won’t go to the person bringing pain in our life to find solutions. We will hold a grudge against God or get angry with Him. Job 35:2 says, “Can a mortal be more righteous than God?”


For the last 45 years, I’ve heard countless rumors of God taking loved ones as a means of teaching the survivors a lesson. Every tornado, hurricane, or flood is called an “act of God.” People define generational curses as the suffering children and grandchildren endure because of the actions of their forefathers. I’ve had friends experience horrible catastrophes labeled sovereign acts of God! The two questions I have in the face of these aberrations are: If God wants to teach me, why would He hurt someone else? Second, why does God want me to be fair and just if He is unjust? I thought we were called to be like Him!

Job and his friends struggled with this same question, “Can a mortal be more righteous than God? Can a man be more pure than his Maker” (Job 4:17)? We’re called to live by faith which is an immovable trust in the goodness of God. If God is unpredictable or unjust, He can’t be trusted.

This series will unveil the truth of God’s justice. It will provide what has been the pivotal point that has transformed some of the greatest believers and leaders of all time.

The truth revealed in this series can end all questions about God’s justice, all your struggles in trusting God, and bring you to the doorway of an incredible life!

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