The Holy Spirit seldom, if ever, provides  the entire plan;  He simply provides  the next step.Many people underestimate the need to feel safe. But it is incredibly important. After all, there are only two options: feeling safe or feeling fearful! But even fewer people ever identify what they need to make them feel safe, and whether or not that is spiritually healthy.

First, understand there is usually nothing inherently wrong about what we rely on for safety, as long as it is not something that will interfere with our ability to trust and follow God’s plan. For many, the reason having a developed plan makes us feel safe is because it gives us a sense of being in control. Having a plan also keeps us from facing one of the most prevalent of all fears: the fear of the unknown.

When the Holy Spirit leads us there are two predominant factors: the end goal and the next step. The end goal is the promise of God. The Holy Spirit is always trying to lead us into the promise that meets our need. The problem is we usually have a way we want that to happen, so we never have to face the unknown. Therefore, we want the entire plan. The Holy Spirit seldom, if ever, provides the entire plan; He simply provides the next step. That should be our only concern. JOIN ME this week and we’ll talk about The Starting Place for every plan, and how we can always reach the goals but keep our lives intact in the process!


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