I am continually bombarded with requests for the location of iGroups. Unfortunately, our thousands of participants are so spread out around the world that we need a thousand new iGroups right now just to meet the need! My usual response is, “Why don’t you start an iGroup for your community?”

Anyone who has a passion can start an iGroup. This is a way for you to reach your family and friends with this message of God’s incredible love. I believe iGroups are a God-inspired idea that is right on target for the days in which we live. I believe it will put us in touch with our community in an incredibly effective way.

One of the keys to effective ministry is timing: knowing what to do and when to do it! This was one of King David’s secrets to his amazing success. When describing the men who surrounded David and helped him prepare for battle the Bible says the sons of Issachar had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do (1 Chronicles 12:32).

In the 1950’s and part of the 60’s church revival meetings were the place to go to touch people’s lives. In the late 60’s and early 70’s there were coffee houses that became the gathering place for young people to know Jesus. In the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s there were large conventions and conferences. People filled the halls and arenas to attend these types of meetings. In each of these times it was essential to utilize the methods that people sought out.

However, there is one type of meeting that has existed since the first days of the Church and all the way through each movement; it is the “home meeting.” Home meetings, whether formal or casual, are probably the most powerful, consistently effective form of developing people into fully committed followers of Jesus that has ever existed. They meet all the deepest needs of people. They are always culturally relevant because homes change to fit every culture. People always long to have personal relationships and be part of a group. Homes are a safe environment conducive to conversations, questions, personal prayer, and intimate friendship.

The greatest lack in home meetings has always been finding someone who was an effective communicator of truth. People will openly discuss a message. Conversation and discussion is seldom lacking. But the need for a group leader has usually been the demise of home groups. Today that problem is solved!

With the advancement of digital recordings, online broadcasts, computers, and smart phones every week I can step into your home and share a message that will be relevant for your group. You can now have weekly groups in your home, church, business, or anywhere that you can bring people together. Your desire to reach your community and my passion to touch the world can now become a synergistic effort that grows beyond what either of us could ever do alone.

iGroups are the fulfillment of more than 30 years of my experience in small group ministry and the specific fulfillment of a plan that God unfolded for me over the past several years. For years the number one complaint among people who received this word of grace would ask, “Now where will I go to church to hear this message?” If you don’t have a church, or if you want to supplement what you are receiving in your church, or if you want to use these broadcasts in your church you have a solution: iGroups!

It doesn’t matter if it’s just two people or a large group. You can have worship or not have worship. You can tailor these to the interests and desires of the people who participate. You can go here to get a free download of my book Small Group Ministry. Although most of it will not apply to you as an iGroup Leader you can still learn the basics of how to plan and conduct a small group. You can click here to watch a short video about iGroups.

Let’s work together to multiply this message to everyone we know. iGroups are a vital part of Operation One Billion. Together we can change the way the world sees God!

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