The temptation or sin that is the strongest in your life is the one that gives you the most pleasure!Yes! The temptation or sin that is the strongest in your life is the one that gives you the most pleasure! Pleasure goes far beyond the physical enjoyment; that which gives us pleasure usually has a psychological component: in some way it makes us feel good about ourselves. It can be in the form of conquest, it can be the way we define love or it can just be the sense of accomplishment. For some that is found through sexual conquest. For others it may be making money. There are as many different ways as there are people. That which gives us pleasure can become a substitute for biblically-based self-worth. It can define us; it can become a critical part of our identity!

A friend of mine used to say, “Be careful what you allow yourself to do, you might like it!” Anytime anything fulfills a desire of the flesh it causes physiological, neuro-chemical and hormonal responses in our body that give us pleasure. Therefore, they actually become a physical addiction. After all, there are hormones that are 30 times more powerful than cocaine. Our return to the same destructive behavior is no different than a heroin addict selling a $1000 TV for $50 worth of drugs. No sin is any stronger than another sin; no temptation is greater than any other temptation, beyond the degree of pleasure it brings. This is how we get stuck in a world of our own making! The only freedom from this addiction is to find a greater joy in Jesus. I didn’t say in church, religion or being a better person; I said in Jesus.

JOIN ME this week and let’s begin dismantling the world wherein you are stuck! It’s far easier and more pleasant than you can imagine!

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