Wondering Where To Start?

Read Below For Insight As To Where To Begin

Everyone comes to our website for different reasons so I want to help you navigate based on your passion, needs and desires.

Listed below are the top reasons people visit our site:

  1.   If you want to invite Jesus into your life, restore your relationship with the Lord or lead someone else to Jesus, be sure to check out Creation To Calvary, located under the Welcome Tab under FREE RESOURCES.
  1.   If you’re a new believer and want to learn the basics of walking with God, a great place is Living Under Lordship, located under the GETTING STARTED tab. This is my personal mentoring program for new believers or long-time believers seeking stability.
  1.   If you have been a believer for quite a while but you want a clearer understanding of how to live in the New Covenant, take a look at The Foundations of Faith video/workbook program located under MAKING THE JOURNEY. This will cover the six doctrinal issues we must believe in order to provide a foundation for all the promises of God. This program has brought peace and stability to thousands.
  1.   If you feel called to the ministry or just want to take a very serious step in learning to have faith-based success in all areas of life, be sure to check out IISOM (Impact International School of Ministry) located under LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. For 27 years we had a residential program that launched leaders into ministry and business all around the world. Now it’s all online so you don’t have to relocate; you can stay in your local church and continue to serve while developing your heart.
  1.   If you’re interested in finding topics that address specific needs check out IMPACT TV for our archive of weekly broadcasts, located under GETTING STARTED. There are dozens of individual topics and hundreds of videos all designed to help you make your journey with God easy and light.
  1.   If you’re a serious disciple investing in your own growth, go to our online STORE and browse more than one hundred series and books that will provide you with incredible in-depth instruction for application of the truth. Plus, when you purchase from our store, eighty-five cents out of every dollar go into helping us take this gospel to the ends of the earth!
  1.   If you have a passion to help raise up a billion disciples around the world, be sure to check out the Operation One Billion project, also located under LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT.
  1.   If you’re interested in starting a  home meeting or book club using either our weekly broadcasts or one of our books, check out  Join (or Start) an iGroup under MAKING THE JOURNEY.
  1.   If you want to join me at one of our conferences across North America, check out our EVENTS page located in the main navigation bar and you’ll find all the information you’ll need to connect with us at one of our live meetings!
  1. Last but not least, If  you’ve heard someone mention Heart Physics® or you’re hungry to learn how to relate to Jesus in your heart, take a look at  our Heart Physics® page. You’ll find the link under MAKING THE JOURNEY. Pay special attention to Essential Heart Physics® as your starting place to begin the transformation journey of a lifetime!

There’s obviously a lot more than these, but these are the places where most people want to start.
Finally, If you want to receive my daily inspiration and have direct access to all our programs right from your phone or tablet, click here or you’ll find a link on the sidebar of nearly every page. You’ll also receive special offers reserved only for our mobile subscribers.