Nothing undermines faith like negative, unscriptural views of God!Religion has sought to make man afraid of God. Nothing undermines faith like negative, unscriptural views of God! Faith works by love. When we know someone loves us we will trust them. But love and fear are incompatible; one negates the other. Fear drives out love and love drives out fear. When we are not afraid of God we will trust Him!

One of Jesus’ primary purposes for coming to earth was to manifest the true nature and character of God; and that’s exactly what He did through every miracle, every healing and deliverance. He showed us that God is always willing to deliver us from those things that destroy!

Since Jesus is the perfect representation and the complete manifestation of God, since He is the Word of God in human expression, He and He alone must determine how we see God and how we interpret all scriptures. Any view or opinion of God that conflicts with what Jesus showed us is a vain imagination bordering on idolatry of the heart!

If we call Jesus Lord, then we should make Him our focal point for knowing, understanding, experiencing, and trusting God! JOIN ME this week and let’s dive even deeper into this reality and discover the covenant Jesus secured for us.