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Hello, my name is Jim Richards, the pastor and director of Impact Ministries. Welcome to our website!  Our single purpose for this site is to help you be made whole by the love of God. This site is here to provide tools to help those who want to know and walk with God without religious trappings. I want to make sure you get the greatest benefit possible from your time with us!

Whether you have been walking with God for years, are a new believer, or struggling with your faith, we have tools and resources that will help you. I want you to know, no matter where you are in your walk or your struggle, God loves you and has already made a way for you to have a better life than you ever thought possible.

In one place the Bible tells us that the world blasphemes God continuously because they don’t see Him as He is. It goes on to describe the pain people are experiencing because of the religious deception taught to them by their leaders. That’s exactly why the world has so much difficulty following God today; it’s impossible to follow someone you don’t trust and it’s impossible to trust someone you believe will hurt you. I discovered that few people actually have a problem with God but, just as the Prophet Isaiah said, they have a problem with religion.

Religion takes what should be the best experience of our life and turns it into rules and regulations. Religion makes God seem hard, legalistic, difficult to please and so very distant. Walking with Jesus, on the other hand, presents the opportunity for life at its very best. Jesus said when we believe His interpretation and application of the Scripture it will be easy and light! Walking with God shouldn’t be hard or a burden, it should be a life of wholeness, peace and joy!

God wants you to be whole spiritually, emotionally and physically and He wants you to be happily fulfilled. That can only happen when you have peace in your heart and you feel loved and accepted with no fear that God will ever hurt you. In other words, you have to know that God loves and accepts you. When you know that you will trust Him!

As you look at the various pages on the site, I hope you will access any of the hundreds of free teaching videos that cover dozens of topics. Or, as a new believer, you may want to go through my personal mentoring program for New Believers. Also, check out all the free resources, videos and downloads, then zero in on what speaks to your heart and take the time to invest in your own life by watching, reading and listening as you feed your heart with the unconditional love of God!

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Abundant Blessings!

James B. Richards