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Wired For Success Conference

Wired for Success and Leadership Conference & Workshop November 4-6 Victoria, BC IT IS INHERENT IN THE FABRIC OF MANKIND TO DESIRE TO MAKE ONE’S LIFE BETTER. Register Now The desire to succeed is part of our permanent internal wiring; yet, nearly everything and everyone in our life has unintentionally played a role in programming us to accept certain limitations. The majority of people live within invisible, impenetrable boundaries that have become the accepted limits of their success. • Do you feel like outside sources control your opportunities? • Do you tend to reach a certain level of success and hit “the glass ceiling?” • Do you have difficulty finding employees who will work your plan? • Do you find yourself trusting the wrong people in business? • Are you stuck and ready to take the next step forward in success? If you answered “yes” to at least three of these questions you’re in the same situation as the majority of people in the free world! But you don’t have to stay in the range of average. I want to give you tools and help you have the internal experiences that will launch you beyond where you are into a success you’ve never known. • Are you reading and applying the steps laid out in motivational books and seminars yet seeing little or no lasting change? • Have you...

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Testimony from J.

Thanks to God and to all of you and to Dr. Richards for the ministry. I found Dr. Richards on Sid Roth’s show on vacation last summer. I bought Wired for Success, read it several times and saw the included messages several times (and will again). I went on to get Essential Heart Physics which is part of my daily life for the last several months. I’ve been blessed by Creating Wealth, The Gospel of Peace, several others, and lately, New Covenant Prayer: How to Set Your Life in Order. Learning to pray according to the Bible is a major game changer, folks. I have so much still to learn after decades of receiving bogus teaching, but I’m seeing early success!...

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